6:05 PM

@ Brunei Great Time with Host Family...

Brunei memang best..huhuhuhuhu

wuhuuu..my dragon is complete...Thank to syaza,Dex and Niza..
the unforgettable moment in brunei..
My Dragon, Thanks To Niza(3am@somewhere)
(owh dex we have no picture together that night...)
James Bond Quantumn Solace...007 midnight..huhuhuhuh

Lets go down..
Hiah, Combo...fight...abugit..
We all Playing the drum
Me,Qays and Angelina Jolie..
The SSEAYP Surfer
Me and Linn @ Istana
With Kim @ Royal Regalia
I am In Halloween Party@Brunei
Ikhlas Tapi Jauh
@Yayasan Kompleks/Kampung Ayer Once upon a time
Me And Syaza @ Royal Regalia
Tasya and Kamal...
Me,Linn,Niza and Qays
With Puan Penolong Pengarah and Master
Niza,Me and Qays
@ Pantai Jerudong@Empire Hotel
@Empire Hotel
We celebrate it, Ibu,Niza, Me and Lin..
With Abah and qais @ kampung ayer..
With Penghulu of water village, Mapy NL, MyPy NL and Mr wawa TC Fasilitator..
I was been Awarded...
@Brunei Polo CLub, Welcoming ceremony

2:19 AM


Hermmm.. Macam Pidot je..kat brunei ni..
Amir.. Seranggggggggggggggggg
Captain Assistant
With Captain
Great Teacher Razizul(GTR)
Lao National Day Performance
JPY Celup..hahahhahaah
JPY National Day Performance
2 tiger
I believe i can fly
Malaysia in my heart
Captain story...
Before departure
The Flower for the continget
Ribbon that Connecting us
Life boat Drill
Nippon Maru
With Romi JPY @ Yokohama Port
View @ Balcony of Yokohama Port
The Moment before Nippon Maru@Yokohama Port
Owh I was there again...
@ disneyland
HUhuhuhu.. I was here..
Malaysian Traditional Culture team @ Chado/Japanese tea Class
I am Lovin It...No Chili Sauce Please
With Discipline Master @ NYC Japan
Shinkansen@bullet train will drive us to Niigata Prefecture
I wish that many vending machine like this in malaysia
Sheraton Miyako Tokyo..
The Flight, Allah I Pray to you For safe journey
@KLIA before depart to Narita Airport Japan...